Bright Path Ceremonies


Published 10/06/2016

Rites of Passage change people. Any transformation is a metamorphosis, a moment after which one is never again the same. The normal Life-cycle follows a relatively uniform path. Birth through death and everything in between. Each cycle can be exhilarating, liberating and also confusing and tragic. For example a divorce can be liberating and sad at the same time. When we marry we make vows that we want to uphold-thats why we marry to commit ourselves fully to another person. When that vow is broken it will usually end in a divorce. Everyone is there for your marriage but no one is there for the divorce. Healing is a key element in order to move forward and find solace in that hurt. I feel if we don't give space for the healing, it will haunt us, it will carry over into the next phase of our life-cycle. An example of a divorce ceremony could be gathering several key people in your life that you fully trust-who understand the pain you feel or it could also be by yourself. The intention for the ceremony is key here. First think about what you need to move forward in your life. Is there anything you need to let go of to move on and what do you need to bring into your life to heal and move on. Create a small fire, either inside or outside. Choose a special day that has meaning to you. It could be your birthday, or the day of a new moon or full moon, could be the date you were married. Perhaps make a circle with the people you are with, hold hands call in all the angels and saints or your higher power to hold the space. Go into a meditation of quietude and feel what you need to feel. You could write your feelings on a card and then throw it in the fire. Let the old feelings burn away, creating space to let something good, and positive in. Maybe you need to cry or shout or dance or rejoice. If you have invited friends, let them partake by expressing their support to you, their love for you and their blessings. Maybe a gift can be given to them or from them. Remember to close the circle, hold hands again, go into a quietude and again feel what you need to feel to heal!