Bright Path Ceremonies

Elegant Historic Mansions for a Wedding Ceremony

Published 05/31/2016


Living in New England, there are so many Mansions that are now open to the public as venues for weddings. They make such elegant backdrops for couples to have their wedding, especially the ceremony. The highlight of having a wedding at a mansion, is you get to have the entire place to yourself, so the couple feels like a king or queen for the day. 

My recent ceremony was at the Lyman Estate, in Waltham, MA. The Mansion is one of the finest examples in the United States of a country estate following the principle design of 18th century English Naturalistic design. In the 18th and 19th centuries, large expansion of land and proximity to Boston made Waltham a popular location for country estates such as Lyman.

The couple I married also met and live in Waltham. This is the town they are building their life together-so to have this Estate, literally in their back yard is so perfect for them. The mansion is surrounded by acres of land, so you feel you are miles away from civilization but to realize that only steps away is the down town, bustling with people and stores. This couple is so cute and met each other at a scheduled "meet up", which is an organization that brings people together with common interests. The common interest for them was running. They not only got to be introduced to new people but also participated in something they both enjoyed-running. This community of like minded people have become all great friends and were all there at their wedding.

Of course I told their love story which was so sweet and they added the Hand Fast for their vows, added readings, etc. The one piece I had suggested was to add a Sand Ceremony. The groom had two children from a previous marriage and were not able to attend. I know this was a tender situation so I suggested to add a Sand Ceremony representing them at the ceremony. This is the wording I used;

"In the words of Mother Teresa, "Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do..but how much love we put in that action. For K and D, they promise not only to love and support each other through all the joys and trials of life, they also pledge their love, support and guidance to O and S, to serve them as parents and as friends through each day of their youth and far into the years of maturity. 

At this time K and D recognize O and S, and acknowledge that even though they couldn't be here , that they have a great significance on their wedding day in sharing in a Family Ritual.'

I then had them each have a bottle with different colored sand to represent the children and themselves. As they poured each child's sand into the main vessel, I talked about each child's personality. It was a lovely way to include the children without them being present and feel their energy. When they come to visit this couple, they will have the vessel on display to show them, that they are important and loved and were surely missed.