Bright Path Ceremonies

Saying "I do" again

Published 09/14/2019

“I love you with my whole heart. My whole life, however long I’m lucky enough to get. Nothing will change for me.” Alexander Bracken


If your lucky enough to still love your partner after 5-10-25 years or more then you owe it to your relationship to celebrate that enduring love. It doesn’t have to be a large event, although you certainly could do that. My husband and I just reached our 30 years of marriage. Every year should be celebrated, but as you know life gets in the way, and they just become another day. I couldn’t ignore this one, and I had to wrap my brain around the fact that 30 years went by so quickly. My husband and I have covered a lot of ground, between the marriage, owning our homes, children, careers, and all the other stuff, it has been a beautiful life together. Not always easy, but we have made it still intact, deeply in love and admire each other. We are best friends and advocates for each other. My husband retired several years ago, and now we are growing my business together. Together we are  reinventing it and ourselves. We have a lot of life and love left, and we are fortunate we are both physically healthy to continue on our new journey. So how could we ignore all this and let it be just another day.


Celebration gives us an opportunity to take a pause from our everyday life, and recognize the importance of a particular event. In this case, our love. It’s a way as a couple to recognize the importance of the other person, and to perhaps look back and set new intentions for the years to come. We are also in our 60’s so it also ties into the aging process. What do we do now; who are we as an older couple; where do we want to spend our time and with whom? Time becomes more precious at this age, so what we do with it seems even more important. What we do with these 30 years? We celebrate, and thats what we did. We got dressed up and met on top of a knoll that had a panoramic view of the ocean. The site was at a fisherman’s memorial in honor of all the people who died in these seas off the coast of Rhode Island. On top of the knoll is a compass, which was perfect as a symbolism for “finding our way, by being guided by all the directions-all the directions of life that we took together and are still exploring.” We invited two of our close friends to witness the renewal of our vows. It was sweet and tender, the view was amazing, our friends were by our side, and again we were fortunate enough to say: “I do” again.