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Making Real Connections

Published 01/29/2015

My husband and I just experienced a situation with our daughter that could have turned out to be a disaster. Not so much for us but for my college daughter who had her hopes set on going to the Islands for Spring Break. We agreed that she could this year. The trip was planned through her school, we paid in full and she was excited and set to go. She asks us several times to check her passport, which was at our house (she is away at school). I assumed it was up to date since I just used mine last year and I knew it was good until 2015. So I said “yes” it is good to go. I never checked it until four days before she was scheduled to leave. To my horror it was expired because we had gotten that when she was under 18 and the passports are only good for five years, not ten. She was leaving in four days, how in the world did I over look this and how would I tell her that she can’t go? Well my husband and I scrabbled, trying to get a live voice on the phone. Alas there is life out there, there is a real person who we can ask questions. Not only did we get a real voice, but we got a very competent, understanding man who could hear our panic. He worked for a company who is the middle man with the state department in Washington who helps expedite your passport for folks who have an emergency and need it in a few days. He calmed us down, talked us through the process, assured us that it will work out and this happens often. The process was tedious but we got it done and also broke the news to our daughter that she might not be able to go unless we get the passport back in time. I’m not sure what was harder, telling her or going through the paper work. Anyway we did get it on time.

My point with this is that nowadays it’s hard to talk to a real person on the other end of the phone. You get put on hold and directed to press so many buttons. With all of this wonderful technology we are loosing connections with real people. We are loosing eye to eye contact and there is something that is lost in the translation. Email and text have no emotion. We have to use a icon to express our feelings. Although we need to stay on top of the new modern world we also need to watch how we are slowly loosing the real human touch, voice and real connections.

So I look at my business as a wedding celebrant and wonder how can I keep that real connection with my couples? I feel honored when I can collaborate with couples with their personal ideas of how they want to get married. When I get an inquiry on the internet some people just want a price from me rather then know what I do, how my voice sounds, what I look like. Although I realize price is important, I also think the real connection is even more important.

So if you are in the market for a wedding celebrant or any other vendor and you are emailing them for information, maybe a phone call would be a better connection. I even suggest to meet for a no-obligation meeting so you can see me, hear my voice and get a feel for me. That real connection is so important for me as well because then I get a human being with feelings, ideas and dreams. And that is priceless!

That you can’t get from an email or recording.