Bright Path Ceremonies


Our modern life has brought many different types of ceremonies and celebrations. Increasing percentages of people celebrating ceremonies are: interfaith, multicultural, interracial, same gender, agnostic, and atheist. When we come together outside any specific church or religious organization we are free to customize the ceremony to fit our needs, personalities and beliefs.

All wisdom traditions acknowledge the importance of marking and celebrating major transitions. A well constructed ceremony helps to build bridges to shed previous incarnations and cross thresholds into a new embodiment. 

The possibilities are endless and our job is to help build the bridge, clarify where everyone is coming from, research your own customs and then broaden that to other traditions and make them your own. Often we need to not only honor what came before, we also need to evolve in order to cope and embark on a new normal. 

We are Life Cycle Celebrants, creative ceremony designer and ordained minister. We are highly trained in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, ceremonial writing, public speaking and presentation. Our specialty is merging the traditional with a contemporary flair. We honor all beliefs and traditions. We are intuitive and sensitive to all parties involved. 

Bright Path Ceremonies fees vary for each type of ceremony as our work is responsive to your needs. We will be able to provide an accurate fee of services after our initial complimentary consultation. A signed contract and a 50% non-refundable retainer are required to hold your ceremony date and time.

What Bright Path Ceremonies offer:

Complimentary first meeting

Unlimited consultation in person, by telephone or email

Questionnaire to gather information

A unique ceremony

Client approval of the script, unlimited editing

Arrival at least 30 minutes before ceremony

Performance of ceremony


Weddings:  $475.00 to $650.00

Elopements: $250.00 to $350.00

Vow Renewal: $275.00 to $475.00

End of Life Memorial: $375.00 to $550.00

Baby Blessing: $275.00 to $375.00

House Blessing $175.00 to $275.00

Use of Sound System: $100.00

Guitar/vocals w/sound system: $100.00 to $350.00                                         

We are always humbled and honored to officiate for a birth, marriage or end of life memorial and everything in between. 

In light and love,

Debbie and Steven