Bright Path Ceremonies


Death is a deep and sacred mystery that cannot be fully understood, but with a well thought out ceremony you can experience your connection to this pivotal event in a more profound and meaningful way. Death ends a life not a relationship. Acknowledging someone’s life creates an opening to either say thank you publicly, to forgive and let go quietly, or simply to say good bye as a community.

A well constructed memorial ceremony can help bring closure, hopefully with more insight and awareness of our own life. Our ceremonies will not only include their name and resume, but in a respectful way honor the deep essence of that person. An authentic portrayal of the individual takes collaboration from others, such as the family members and friends. With this collaboration, I will find a common thread to weave throughout the creation of the ceremony. We will gracefully hold sacred space for you to honor your loved one. We create a framework where you can transition mindfully and purposefully as possible.

The highest honor you can give to someone’s life is to pay tribute to a life lived.