Bright Path Ceremonies

Interfaith Wedding Officiant & Minister

“Listen to no one who tells you how to love. Your love is like no other, and that is what makes it beautiful. Your self is your divinity… Express yourself!” — Paul Williams

Since all of Bright Path Ceremonies are original and “one of a kind” we give careful attention to howweI write. As a couple you are a work of art, your love is a work in progress. Your relationship and the moment of being wed is a transition and in the brief moment of the ceremony all is made new and your relationship not only becomes legal but sacred. You deserve a ceremony that is authentic, defining you as a couple.

Our legal responsibilities as an officiant is to perform the ceremony, sign the appropriate officiant section of the marriage license, obtain witnesses signatures if required by the state and register the marriage certificate with the city or town clerk where the license was issued.

Our intention as a “creative ceremony designer” is to allow you the freedom to express how you want to get married and to feel comfortable with the process that we have developed. we do not write from a rote script because we feel each couple is unique. You are not going to get a ceremony with your names filled in. You will get a completely original custom ceremony. Bright Path Ceremonies offer many ideas and suggestions of what your ceremony will evolve into. Our specialty is merging the traditional with a contemporary flair.

Our initial meeting begins with a no-obligation consultation either on the phone or in person. At that meeting we can get a strong sense of what your needs are and give recommendations and ideas of what your ceremony can develop into, along with an accurate fee. All fees are quoted on a individual basis. Our fees depend upon the complexity of your ceremony, travel, and rehearsal needs.You are officially booked and your date reserved once I receive your signed contract and deposit.

Once we finish composing your draft you can edit and provide feedback of what you want changed, deleted or added. Once your ceremony is complete you will know exactly what will be said. There will be no surprises which creates a comfortability. We guide you along the way but you have total control of what you want. We make a keepsake copy of your ceremony which really is your love story that you can revisit at any time and remember that special moment when you were wed.

Our team looks forward to discussing all the many possibilities with you in designing your wedding ceremony!

Ceremony Fees

Ceremony Fees range from $425 to $775 -All fees are quoted on an individual basis.

Fees depend upon the complexity of your ceremony, travel, and rehearsal needs.

What Bright Path Ceremonies offer:

Complimentary first meeting
An initial interview
Unlimited consultation in person, by telephone or email
Questionnaire to gather information about the two of you
A unique ceremony, created for you with your “love story” included
Ceremony ideas, rituals, poems, vows of your choice
Client approval of the script, unlimited editing
Travel to rehearsal and your wedding ceremony
Use of professional PA system to ensure that guests hear your ceremony
A full rehearsal, if required
Arrival at least 30 minutes before your ceremony
Performance of the wedding ceremony
Proper submission of your marriage license